Am I my memories? Who am I?

Bishwas Bhandari
2 min readMar 3


Who am I? Am I just a collection of memories and experiences? Let’s start the journey to unravel the mystery of the self and discover what makes us unique, dynamic, and unified beings.

Without explaining stuff, I am directly gonna start from what I consist of?

I might consist of:

  • Physical body
  • Memories and thoughts
  • Experiences, suffering and emotions
  • Achievements and loss
  • Relationships
Who am “I”?

All of the above-mentioned aspects are constantly changing, “I” might be dynamic. “I” might not be static.

Also, the above-mentioned aspects are more likely to be very specifically unique. The physics of “I” are unique, patterns of fingers or tongue, DNA, memories or thoughts, experiences, perspectives, achievements, loss and relationships.

“I” is dynamic and unique. Not only that, all of the above-mentioned aspects are collections of something. The body is the collection of cells, tissues, organs and body parts, memories — collection of recorded experiences, and so on.

“I” is a dynamic, unique and unified collection. Initially, the body or mental state of “I” has the ability to grasp knowledge, and the ability to somehow express itself to the world. So, “I” is also an expression. “I” use “I” to express myself. As the expression is used to share “self” [my-self], and there are higher chances that the other-self accepts “my-self”. So, two-“I”-s having something in common. Two-“I”-s might be the same, similar to somehow related.

“I” is a dynamic, unique, unified and sharable collection. “I” can share his body parts, his thoughts, feelings, emotions, relationships, achievements, losses, goals and so on, and the “other-I” could accept or deny. Experiences, perspectives and suffering might not be sharable.

“I” is a dynamic, unique, unified collection with the ability to share some of it’s characteristics.

“I” can share “I” with me. My previous memories, achievements and guilts are still with me. I shared the “I” of me with me. I am updated, and “I” is updated. My body cells are constantly dying and generating, and my brain cells are too. My experiences are constantly being updated.

“I” is a dynamic, unique, unified collection of systems working together to achieve a common goal, having a conscious of its existence, and sharing few attributes with each other, contained within a physical form and is able to form relationships with “other-self” or “other-I”.

Feels like, I found who am I.

As we conclude this episode, we have only scratched the surface of the complex topic of identity. Join us for episode 2, where we’ll dive deeper into the different factors that shape our sense of self and explore how we can navigate the ever-evolving nature of who we are.

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