From losing a database of 3000+ users to re-gaining authority back; The story of Xoomato

Bishwas Bhandari
2 min readDec 2, 2022

Hello friend. Today, I am gonna share my experience from total loss to re-gaining authority back. Before starting, you may ask what’s the web app about? The web app’s purpose is/was to secure invalid traffic to your website when you share it on social media, as Adsense hates invalid traffic and might suspend your account if you get any.

Two years ago, I made a platform for securing URLs and protecting them from Invalid traffic in Adsense using Django, CSS, and some basic JS, and after three months of launching I started getting pretty good traffic and sessions.

For two years it worked well, and then I thought of migrating the web app to new technology. Over the course of time, I learned Svelte/Kit, React, and NextJs.

I chose SvelteKit because of its simplicity. I did REST API with DRF and frontend/middle-end with SvelteKit. While migrating the app production, there was a sudden jam in the server, so I had to restart the whole system.

After restarting the whole system, I lost the database cluster from the whole system, and you may say didn’t you have a backup? Well, I did have snapshots. But the issue it the whole AWS Lightsail snapshots got “corrupted” (let’s say) because the cluster was not found in any of those snapshots.

So, I deployed the new web app with a new database instance. It looked good. I had to re-work or let’s say start from zero on re-populating it.

I personally talked to the users; gamers, streamers, and bloggers. The good thing is they responded well.

The web app started getting hits again. It worked pretty well. Now, we have reached 341 users, with 765+ URLs secured. And you might ask what is the web app? It’s Xoomato, the invalid traffic protector.

I am just happy to share this story with you.



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