My dream open source project, did it go well?

Bishwas Bhandari
2 min readAug 8, 2022

As a developer, I always dreamt of having an open source project that people actually can use and contribute to, so one day I thought why not make it happen in real?

I was initially a Python/Django developer and got to learn React and Next JS, developed 3 web apps with that knowledge, currently in production, actually functioning.

And while going on a trip to Pokhara with one of my developer friends, introduced me to the cool features of Ruby on Rails, that how one can very quickly make SPAs without any hustle, no worries for DB, form submission, authentication/authorization, web sockets and much other stuff. And that actually was true.

After coming back from the trip, I started learning Ruby. As I was from a Python background, learning the very basics of Ruby wasn’t that hard.

Then, I started seeking the Rails 7 tutorials, I was surprised that most of the tutorials were pretty latest. But yeah, some tutorials were from like 2015 to 2018.

I used my googling skills to learn Rails and developed some basic web apps with Ruby on Rails, i.e. Todo App and Chat App. Yeah chat app is pretty basic for Rails because the feature called ActionCable/broadcast does the whole WebSocket stuff on its own.

The idea bombing

After digging some more, I suddenly remembered my dream open source project, and then why not do it with Rails? I started the project, named it, and started developing it. It’s Deviser Club (currently in production).

Deviser Club is my new Ruby on Rails open-source project that I’ve been talking about this long. It’s a multi-blogging platform where you can create posts and quick tweets, like, bookmark, publish content and a few more other stuff.

It might have a medium-like look, so you can call it an open-source medium alternative.

So, yeah.

The first pull request

The first pull request made me feel very precious because the request was from a nicely popular Rails developer, Yaroslav Shmarov.

Till now, I have got 5 pull requests, 12 stars, 2 forks and 1 watch.

The probable pause

My SAT exams are in coming December, and I really wanna get into preparation for my exam, but this project is so addictive that I am struggling hard to get out. As most of the students here in Nepal have a dream of studying in the USA, so do I. That’s why I might have to pause this project for some while. But let’s see, what so on.



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