Use the ctrl+alt+t shortcut to open the terminal in Windows 11

Bishwas Bhandari
2 min readAug 28


After 3 years of using Debian and 2 years of using Fedora, I had to buy a new device to meet my new programming needs. The new PC had a premium Windows 11 installed, with cool light pen features. I tried booting Fedora and Ubuntu on it, Fedora is not so cool with tablet modes, and Ubuntu is slightly cool with it. Ubuntu provided the auto-rotation feature, but scrolling with the light pen was not so fun. I was forced to use Windows 11.

I loved my CTRL+ALT+T keyboard shortcut for the terminal, and Windows 11 had none of it. Linux distros provide ways to assign custom shortcuts but here it’s a little tricky.

Today, we will be assigning our very much-loved CTRL+ALT+T to Windows device, with WSL 2.

Open Terminal

After opening the terminal, press CTRL+, and you get into the settings. And select your loved Linux version.

Select Ubuntu as default in Windows Terminal

Open the Taskbar and keep the terminal ON

Now, search for terminal in your task bar. And click on Open file location.

Open Windows Terminal location

Search for wt.exe and copy that file.

Search for WT

Now, create a folder (a folder is basically a directory, for Windows newcomers). Now, paste as shortcuts there.

Paste shortcut, Windows Terminal

Now, open the Properties of that pasted shortcut, and in the Shortcut key section, set your preferred shortcut key, i.e. CTRL+Alt+T .

Shortcut set for Windows Terminal

Btw, if you used something else as your keyboard shortcut, we might be suspicious if you were/are are real Linux user.

Finally, Windows Terminal open with Shortcut Ctrl+Alt+T




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